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Sunder Nursery, Nizamuddin, New Delhi

Despite the onslaught from power looms, mill made fabrics and artificial yarns, Vankar Vishram Valji slowly established a business around his familys traditional craft of natural dyeing, using silk and cotton yarn. His innovative creations were recognised with a National Award in 2005. Earlier his father and elder brother too have been National Award winners.

Valji has participated in various markets in India, UK, Japan, USA, Canada, Korea, Hungary, Brazil, Australia, Cuba, China and Germany. He has also presented at workshops, symposiums and participated in collaborative projects. Valji continues to push the boundaries of his traditional craft, developing new products and experimenting with new designs. During a cotton exchange programme tracing India-UK Cotton History, he revived weaves with indigenous cotton. He has presented special collections using lac dyes during IFAM 2018 and acacia dye during IFAM 2019. His current focus is experimenting with combinations of natural fibres and dyes.