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Sunder Nursery, Nizamuddin, New Delhi

Sonya Atal Sapru is a true collector. Of memories, moments, colours, textures and all the vivid details of her travels. She is a free spirited wanderer who collects sights and images in her mind to create a medley of free flowing clothes that sing with creativity. Sonya’s clothes are a reflection of her travels across the world. Find a Vietnamese weave with Kashmiri embroidery, a photo memory printed on ikat. With a keen eye for the small things, Sonya mixes prints and textures with panache, turning each outfit into a loving expression of her memories. Resort wear, scarves, men’s handkerchiefs - no two pieces are identical. Each imprinted with a memory of some part of the world, Sonya’s loving effort translates vivid images into beautiful clothing you can wear with ease and style.