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Sunder Nursery, Nizamuddin, New Delhi

Silk Road and beyond is a treasure trove of beautiful home textiles, décor and clothing. Inspired by the ancient network of trade routes, the Silk Route between India and China, Silk Road and beyond is a treasure trove of a diverse variety of unusual home décor products. Formed in October 2008, as a joint venture between two creative families, the store’s main focus is on Indian textiles and handicrafts sourced from all over the country. We have an innovative range of block printed products in cotton and velvet fabrics. True to our name, our focus over the years has been to promote handmade silk brocade, ranging from cushion covers and runners to table mats. Nestled in the bustling G.K 1 N block market, our store aims to mesmerise customers with its calm and relaxing yet colourful the atmosphere combined with soothing tunes to heighten your senses. The simple ideology behind all our products is to provide warmth and comfort combined with style. From high-end cultural artefacts to simple modern utility items, Silk Road and beyond offers a colourful melange of old world charm with modern sophistication.