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Sunder Nursery, Nizamuddin, New Delhi

Shasha is a Delhi-based clothing label that speaks the language of the modern, independent urban woman, who epitomes strength, poise, elegance and warmth at the very core of her soul. Having honed her skills from NIFT, New Delhi, Shasha started her label in 2015.The brand thrives on ageless beauty, ethnic exuberance and exquisite craftsmanship, qualities that makes each piece stand out. Her collections exude an aura of art while being contemporary, classy and eclectic at the same time. Astral designs and purely handcrafted pieces are some of the major highlights of her creations. The brand specializes in weaving and textile braiding while playing around with different surface textures and silhouettes. Seeking inspiration from everything around her, Shasha treats ever apparel as a piece of art and is always brimming with fresh embroidery details and designs. Simplicity best describes sophistication is the faith that is the cornerstone of her creativity.  Her creativity is best complimented by her in-house team of workers comprising of embroidery karigars, stitching karigars, pattern masters, khakha masters, etc. Their design studio is the place where concepts originate and artistic ideas culminate into reality in the form of clothes. The team closely studies and analyses forecasted trends and makes design collections for every season while offering advanced fabrics, surface textures, silhouettes and product explorations to customers. The design studio is a space always brimming with inspiring ideas and energy. It is this vision that is translated onto garments, pushing creative boundaries into new horizons.