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Sunder Nursery, Nizamuddin, New Delhi

A color palette that serves international taste buds, with an emphasis on breezy silhouettes, this collection is a capsule to Europe. From classy tones of beige, gray and black to city-chic statements, Navya’s outfits can be viewed as graffiti of the urban story. Reflecting the lanes of Western memory from an Indian perspective, the label blends bracketed silhouettes and crisp frameworks.

A typical tweed pattern on cotton forms a design that settles in the comfort and

casual liberty of every day. Winter essentials parade on the streets flaunting wrap around drapes evoking a sense of warmth and poise. Weaving the essence of winter in each thread, Navya’s jackets talk business but capture supple movement, underlining the versatility in each piece. Dresses enchantingly encompass London air into fabric, incorporating elements of avant-garde French ensembles. This modern outlook to ageless structures becomes sophisticated art with a bedrock of culture.