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Sunder Nursery, Nizamuddin, New Delhi

Mrinalini, a brand of handcrafted khadi sarees and stoles, was started as an effort to sustain the slowly dying art of handloom, especially that of the khadi yarn.  The general perception surrounding khadi was that it could only be cotton. However khadi can be cotton, silk, linen or wool; the unique feature being that the khadi yarn is handspun on the charkha before sending it to the looms to be handwoven.

Inspired by the plethora of weaves from South India and Bihar, Mrinalini, in an effort to highlight the texture of the yarn that is unique to khadi, has experimented with colors and motifs. A few sarees from the collection are a combination of zari and silk giving it a kanjivaram look, yet subtle and elegant. Jute and raw silk are also infused to give sarees and stoles an earthy look. Khadi muslin sarees and stoles are also a part of the collection. The silk, cotton and jute threads are all 100% handspun and handwoven.

The silk used in all of the sarees and stoles is obtained from cocoons without harming the worms in them - either they are already dead or the worms are allowed to leave the cocoons. The worms are specifically bred through a process called sericulture solely to make fabrics. For the raw silk sarees, the silk is obtained from cocoons in the wild, hence the silk fibres are broken and have different gradations hence giving the saree a slightly more rustic look, without the sheen that generally comes with pure silk.