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Created by Jenny Housego and Asaf Ali and brothers in Srinagar, Kashmir Loom with their team of master craftsmen, have infused a modern soul into woven and embroidered shawls from Kashmir Valley. Their endeavor has been to preserve heritage while fostering its progress. As the creative force behind the company, Jenny’s training in Art History and her deep love, knowledge and respect for textiles from India and the Middle East are an inspiration to the age old art of shawl making at Kashmir Loom. But the greatest inspiration is Kashmir itself. A myriad of influences, ranging from the valley’s unique location on several trade routes to 19th Century French and British culture and fashion, have left their unique stamp on the Kashmiri shawl. Production in Kashmir takes place in small family workshops, nurturing dignity, pride and humanity at every level. Women sitting at the traditional hand wheel, ‘charkha’ spin a pure gossamer yarn known the world over as Pashmina (or cashmere). This yarn is hand-woven by men into a wonderfully supple, soft, yet warm fabric. The end product is a piece of extraordinary beauty and workmanship, with the distinct impression of the human hand. An amalgamation of rich history, unprecedented quality and artistic innovation. Jenny Housego, textile historian, designer and co-founder of the Kashmir Loom Company, has helped inspire a generation of Indian craftsmen to raise their skills to new heights of creativity and excellence. During her two decades in India, she has ventured across the country to sit with weavers and embroiderers to forge new ways of combining their traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs. She co-founded two successful companies that secured markets for their unique products while putting Indian textiles firmly on the world’s luxury map. Also active in numerous social projects in India, Jenny has not only revived ancient weaving techniques that had almost disappeared but also ensured the livelihoods of families from Haryana to Kashmir and West Bengal. Asaf Ali has worked along side Jenny through this journey realizing her vision to rediscover and reinvent the Kashmir Shawl. Kashmir Loom’s line of contemporary and traditional pieces have had the opportunity to be a part of assortments in some of the best stores worldwide. The company has also collaborated with museums on various projects and events - Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rubin Museum and Museum of Modern Art in New York as well as Victoria and Albert Museum in London to name a few. Kashmir Loom’s recent Exhibition and Sale at the Dar Al Funoon gallery in Kuwait was a great success. A similar event was hosted earlier at Adleson Galleries and Saffron Art in New York.