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Sunder Nursery, Nizamuddin, New Delhi

Just Prerna Jewellery is a niche semi-precious jewellery brand that goes beyond making a style statement. It is a means of empowerment, a channel for self-expression, an inspiration, a source of strength, a connect to ones roots and a flight of fancy. Jewellery that not only amazes and allures but inspires, strengthens and motivates. The designer Prerna Singh, studied crafts design at IICD and started her jewellery line many years later. She did not follow the regimented line towards learning jewellery design and thus her individual journey endows an air of originality to her products. Her gurus have been plenty - from local artisans who revealed distinctive methods and practices that are rooted in ancient times to modern designers and friends. Most importantly, her designs reflect her own creative adventure. Originality in design, spontaneity in outlook, and symbolism in presentation are the mantras she lives by mantras that define her jewellery.