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Sunder Nursery, Nizamuddin, New Delhi

Indigene is a conscious clothing label. A strong believer in sustainable design and working with communities. An open closet with stories to tell. One that speaks of and for artisans, their skills and challenges; of consumers who know how it feels to pay it forward. Lending it form, shape and accent are its storytellers, designers Ruchi Tripathi and Jaya Bhatt, textile design graduates from Delhi’s National Institute of Fashion Technology. Indigene takes great pride in its partnership with artisans and local communities, involved at several stages of creation of an Indigene garment. Following a long yet ethical supply chain, it strives to keep intact its identity as a handmade and ethically crafted label. Each Indigene product goes through several hands and geographies, bringing together a tapestry of stories and cultures. Indigene’s design philosophy celebrates timeless fashion, not driven by trends and traditional, sustainable production processes. Quality is vital to the brand; the fabric, fit and finish, crucial to the Indigene experience. An organically growing label, Indigene works closely with skilled artisans and local communities (trained) for production. It believes in fair, deep-rooted partnerships, nurtured by constant learning and training. Handcrafting is an essential part of Indigene. All crafts and techniques have a geographical and cultural relevance, belonging to a certain area and community. Traditional crafts each have a story to tell and a reason for existence. Indigene believes in keeping the essence of this story alive.