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Sunder Nursery, Nizamuddin, New Delhi

Kotwara, an international couture brand, crafted by filmmaker, painter, Muzaffar Ali – the Raja of Kotwara, and his architect wife Meera Ali was established in 1990 to revive the traditional craft of the region of Awadh, through sensitively understanding its ethos, upgrading its design content and nurturing modern day relevance in its application. Innovations from Kotwara are based on forms inspired by different craft techniques expressed in a variety of different ways and silhouettes. Zardozi and Chikankari have been the forte of Kotwara with some of the finest craftspeople working for generations at Anhalwara Palace, Kotwara in Lakhimpur Kheri and Kotwara House, Qaiserbagh Palace Complex, Lucknow. Over the last 20 years, Kotwara has been a symbol of style and elegance, reinventing embroidery and weaving and creating silhouettes which have a timeless quality. Kotwara has been blending cultures and styles from different parts of India - Lucknow, Kashmir, Hyderabad, Kerala, Bengal - integrating the best into an Indian idiom. Kotwara supports the Dwar Pe Rozi Society - Employment at Doorstep - aimed at emancipation of women and rural India through humanistic education and craft. The society runs a school based on these values producing extremely self-confident rural youth poised to take charge of their lives. It is also supported by the Rumi Foundation, which uses communication arts to sensitize the world to the oneness of human race.