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Sunder Nursery, Nizamuddin, New Delhi

Divya Sheth is a studio producing pieces of wearable art with a distinct flavor of  the avant- garde. The brand has focused on the revival of age-old Indian art forms since its very inception in 2014. An art inspired, concept driven, craft based clothing brand, very close to its roots and history that is nationally appreciated and has a potential for international acclaim. Divya has a compulsive desire to tap untamed creativity, transforming raw mediums into pieces of wearable art. The brand strides ahead with notions that are at odds with established norms. The aspiration is to bring forth old arts like ajrakh, chintz and handpainted kalamkari via collaborations with master craftsmen and artists, to showcase the best in Indian crafts and textiles. They use natural fabrics (like khadi for eg.) and natural dyes (like indigo for eg.). The brand is known for its unusual and futuristic interpretation of forgotten practices. Art and style becomes an outlet to expose the many facets of the designer’s personality, creating garments that are not only therapeutic in nature, but also symbolise the contemporary female. The clothes transport the wearer into a calm and meditative state. Creating fashion that is not only flattering but also nourishing. Patrons are also made aware of the beauty, story and ideology of the garments they are investing in. In the long run, the label envisions a yearly collection, strongly based on and remaining true to a concept and not to cyclical trends and forecasts.