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Discovering Roots is a trust that works in Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is founded by Rajni Sharma, entrepreneur and Venkata Krishna, advocate Supreme Court of India to revive vanishing Indian art traditions. The trust is not funded by the government or any other organization but is the passionate initiative of the couple. They have taken the first step towards reviving the lost tradition of handcrafting pashmina shawls in a small town of the state. Discovering Roots has created a "women empowerment hub" that provides women a platform to showcase their skills and eventually earn a living. Our work is a community effort, along with local weavers and artisans who are closely allied in bringing out the final product. We practice fair-trade that directly helps producers share in the benefits of trade. We have taken baby steps towards realizing our goal and have finally reached a place for consumers to be able to see, feel, and appreciate their work. Khadi-Pashmina is a concept created by Discovering Roots. We use traditional tools and techniques for hand-weaving khadi to make our pashmina that is eco-friendly and sustainable. Khadi-Pashmina is the "purest" form of pashmina found nowhere in the world. It is unique in quality, adornments and style. The 5000 year old tradition of hand weaving khadi was revived by Mahatma Gandhi and played an important symbolic role in the Indian independence movement. Though mainly woven in cotton, it can also be woven in silk and wool. In the past, khadi and simplicity were one and the same; today, khadi is viewed as a luxury brand synonymous with a fashion statement. Pashmina (also called cashmere) is a very fine class of wool. Indian pashmina is the finest; it is 12-14 micron whereas in other parts of Asia it is 16-17 micron. The textiles made from it were first woven in Kashmir and were titled “soft gold" in Kashmiri. The name comes from Persian pašmina, meaning "made from wool" Discovering Roots presents a line of Khadi-Pashmina collection of stoles, shawls, mufflers, throws, and dress material. Every piece in our collection is a celebration of the experiences, discoveries, and passions that brought us where we are today: it is a tribute to the hidden splendor of the cultural heritage of India