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Sunder Nursery, Nizamuddin, New Delhi

Considering four pillars of a green business philosophy – product, process, place and people, Chatur Chidiyaa focuses on design conscious handmade products made out of innocent (recycled, reused, up cycled) materials such as bamboo, fabric, clay, paper that appeals for a balance between ecology and human activities, by providing an opportunity for the financially underprivileged and communities with mentally different people to prosper as Chatur Chidiyaa product makers. It redefines the bridge between effective ways of manufacturing and human demand to live better with great products around. The users receive plenty of functional products with a message to care about nature. More than just a start-up, Chatur Chidiyaa is a voyage that started from a leisure trip to Nal-sarovar (a wet land bird sanctuary in Gujarat) as a classroom project and progressed to a series of serious exhibitions that tested the genuine vision of the model. The team collaborates on sustainability and design thinking to generate ideas that use old materials to make new concepts with a handmade touch. We are a group of curious creatives who love to work with different materials as well as passionate marketeers who believe that good design is about good ideas presented well. Our vision is rooted in sustainability and aims at optimizing resources in ingenious ways to save sufficiently for our future.