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Bodhi offers a collection of limited edition sarees that exude a quiet, understated elegance. They are never dramatic in their design genre or their colour palate, demanding attention...rather, a Bodhi saree, gently and unhurriedly befriends the woman to form a lasting bond with her.

Over the years, Bodhi sarees have found their way into the wardrobes of modern Indian women - confident, independent yet rooted in tradition and not willing to trade her Indian identity at any cost.

These sarees, hand dyed and hand block printed on tussar fabrics, woven in the villages of Chattisgarh in central India, are a perfect choice for the woman of today who is “at home” both on a global platform as well as on her home turf.

Simply put, Bodhi has redefined "power dressing" for a contemporary Indian woman.

Bodhi sarees and fabrics have been designed, printed & embellished by a team of very inspired artisans – dyers, printers & embroiderers led by Mala at the studio workshop of Pradeep & Mala Sinha located in Baroda.

As for the patterns and designs which of course is the soul of Bodhi studio, Mala’s endeavor is to create motifs, forms and patterns that add to the vast repertoire of Indian textiles that has such an ancient & a rich language of patterning.. This attempt to design patterns, that have an Indian ethos – probably helps make the look of Bodhi prints not only distinct but also contemporary and yet classic in genre lending a certain “timeless” appeal.

Hand printing is not only laborious and demanding on time but also requires tremendous skill and judgment on the part of the printer. These traditional methods of printing and embellishing fabrics and textiles not only reveals its maker’s talent but also involves the user in a detailed and passionate production process. A handcrafted process cannot help but resonate in the product’s beauty and this in turn resonates in the way a user cherishes the product.

Bodhi’s look is high on making a statement that is understated! Quietly elegant.

Perfect for a discerning buyer!