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Antaran is an initiative by India's well known philanthropic institution Tata Trusts to bring about seminal changes in the craft sector, beginning with the handloom sector which is the largest, involving more than 4 million families.

India is known for its rich handlooms, but what is not known is that there are many weave clusters that have not yet been commercially exposed. Unique textiles from these regions woven with undiluted skill, have a fresh look, are greatly suited for comfortable designer clothing and sustainable fashion, making the wearer feel good.

Antaran has chosen to focus on such hidden handloom clusters starting with 4 States known for their rich cultural weaves:

Assam - Kamrup cotton and eri silk

Nagaland - Dimapur and Phek, back strap loom textiles

Andhra Pradesh - Venkatgiri, fine cotton and silk weaves embellished with jamdani, zari

Odisha - Maniabandha weft ikat in fine cotton, silk

Artisans from 6 clusters bring to you handwoven goodness, created locally with centuries old skills, woven in new ways to appeal globally. An array of sarees, dupattas, yardage, stoles, cushion covers and table runners specially created for the event. We invite you to savour the beauty of rich handwoven textiles with significant cultural history as artisans transform their craft without diluting their legacy.