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Chand Minar RangeThis range acknowledges the beauty and grace of Chand Minar (Tower of the Moon). Located in Daulatabad, it is one of the finest specimens of Indo-Islamic architecture in Southern India. Handcrafted in fine borosilicate glass, the vases double up as bowls and are layered with real gold rings reminiscent of its spectacular brackets and balconies. Stackability of the elegant shapes is an ode to the 30 foot height of the spectacular Bring in a sense of royalty with the Chand Minar bowls and vases. Ettore Pendant Lamp Range - An ode to designer Ettore Sottsass of Milan, co-founder of the Memphis Movement, one of the most revolutionary design movements across the world, the Ettore Range glorifies post-modern zany geometries and bacterio-patterned squiggles along with Sesame Street colors of the 1980's. Besides serving platters and planters, this stunning range features pendant lamps intricately crafted by master artisans in combinations of hand blown glass and aluminium; these pendant variations when clustered together provide multiple permutations, lighting up different interior spaces. Mukhwaas Supari Range - Mukhwaas Supari, a spectacular range of dining accessories, is inspired by the essential after-meal Indian snack. Crafted of wood and striking green patina on brass, the objects are painstakingly hand-etched in supari betel-nut patterns with naqqashi craft. The range includes a supari box with useful divisions for snacks/ dry fruits/ knick-knacks and a stunning spoon holder. The quirky toothpick holder blooms to reveal its booty while the witty napkin holder has a magnetic adjustable back keeping every perfectionist happy at heart! The double-sided foodsafe tray spruces up the space, to make Mukhwaas Supari Range a perfect festive essential for your home!