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Sunder Nursery, Nizamuddin, New Delhi

Urvashi Kaur is a label with an insightful, sustainable and artisanal focus.  An exploration of Indian techniques and handlooms finds expression in a cross cultural, contemporary aesthetic. This rapidly growing label proposes ‘Glocal’, a hybrid for thinking globally and acting locally, thereby reducing the impact on natural resources. The founder and designer behind the label, Urvashi is building an ethical fashion brand that approaches the future in an innovative way using effective, sustainable and forward thinking design. The brand has made a commitment to principles that empower and nurture the workforce that includes equal representation and is ensured fair wages and fair trade practices. The label incorporates a play of contrasts with tailoring, fluidity and layering alongside gender non-conformism to present collections that are trans-seasonal and focused on the individual. The designer uses a collaborative process with weavers and craftsmen, working with organic textiles and indigenous techniques, thereby imbuing the unique human element into each and every piece. Urvashi’s dynamic vision finds resonance with a world aware audience that values mindfulness and artisanal design.